How to be a fundraising all-star

Relay For Life

Need help getting your fundraising started? Here are our simple top 10 tips to help make your fundraising easy and successful. Also, don't forget to check out our great fundraising tools!

  • Participant Centre: The Participant Centre is your first port of call and can really get your started on your Relay journey! Here you can upload photos, create a blog, and recruit team members and donors using our easy-to-use emailing system! The emailing system has pre-written emails which you can use to send to family, friends, and colleagues. You can also send cool Thank You messages!
  • Get your team involved: As the saying goes, ‘many hands make light work’ so get your team involved when organising fundraising events! A couple of great examples include car washes, cinema or movie nights, dinner parties, casual clothes days at work or school, morning teas, bake sales, trivia nights and raffles.
  • Keep it social: Social media is a great place to recruit team members and donors. Share your profile to your social media channels and tell everyone why you’re Relaying! Your personal story and your fundraising goal can really motivate others to get behind your cause and donate. We also have some great social media graphics to paint your profile purple!
  • Set ambitious, yet attainable goals!
  • Year-round effort: Make your fundraising efforts a year-round effort, start early and give yourself plenty of time to brainstorm and plan. With each event you learn what works in your community, and you can change and adapt as the year moves on!
  • Make the first donation: If you back yourself, others will too so give yourself a head start and make the first donation then share your donation via email and social media! You can also let people know how different donation amounts can help make a difference.
  • On-the-day fundraising: Talk to your event organiser and see if you can do any on-site fundraising. Try making something and selling it - you could have a lemonade stand, or even a sausage sizzle!
  • Limit your costs: Whether it’s a venue, prizes for a raffle or service you might be surprised how generous local businesses can be - all you have to do is ask!
  • Bank your fundraising money as you go. It’s super fun seeing your tally rise on your individual and team page. Try to bank your money before the Relay so we can announce the fundraising total at the closing ceremony. Your team may also go in the draw to win prizes on the day.
  • Thank you, thank you! Always thank your supporters, whether it’s a small or large donation, or even if they cheered you on until the last lap. You will find a pre-written Thank You Letter that you can use in your Participant Centre.

Fundraising Activity and Public Liability Information

Fundraising events, promotional activities and the like require endorsement from Cancer Council Victoria. Examples of such activities include highway collections, sausage sizzles and information stalls.

An Activity Proposal form must be submitted for all team/committee fundraising and promotional activities to ensure your upcoming event is not only successful, but run safely, has all the appropriate permits, complies with relevant legislation and aligns with Cancer Council Victoria policies, branding and vision.

All completed Activity Proposal forms are to be emailed through to, please remember:

  • The review and approval process for your activity may take up to 4 weeks.
  • If your activity is assessed as high risk (e.g. roadside money collection, fun run), you may be required to provide further information such as a risk assessment or relevant permits.
  • Cancer Council Victoria has the authority to accept or reject an application according to our policies, resources and insurance.

On approval, your activity may be eligible to be covered under Cancer Council Victoria’s Public Liability Insurance policy.

Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance is provided for voluntary workers whilst acting on behalf of Cancer Council Victoria. A “volunteer” is considered to be a person who is a registered volunteer, or a supporter who will carry out voluntary work on behalf of Cancer Council Victoria, and informs us of their intention to do so, by filling out appropriate paperwork. Please note that participation at the actual Relay is not considered to be voluntary work – it is voluntary participation.  The insurance program does not extend to provide coverage to participants or voluntary workers whilst they are actually participating in an event.

If you require Public Liability Insurance to be sent, it is important to note that:

  • In order for us to send insurance out, everyone involved in your fundraising/promotional activity must be registered as a Team Member, Committee Member or a volunteer for the appropriate year (i.e. the year you are fundraising/promoting for)
  • Public Liability Insurance is sent only to the company/venue requesting it and is sent via email

It is a condition of participation in Relay For Life that all fundraisers act in a legal and ethical manner when representing Cancer Council Victoria. Legally, all people fundraising on behalf of Cancer Council Victoria and Relay For Life must be registered participants. All raised funds are to be donated to Cancer Council Victoria.

Download the editable Activity Proposal Form (WORD version)

Download the Activity Proposal Form (PDF version for hand writing)

For more information on Activity Proposals or Public Liability Insurance, email or call our Supporters Hotline on 1300 65 65 85.

Are you a Survivor or Carer?

Every Relay For Life begins with an Opening Lap to celebrate and support cancer Survivors and their Carers. All Survivors and Carers are welcome to join in—you don't even need to be part of a team. We hope you can join us.

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