Everyone Marathon

Want to challenge yourself this year at Relay? Participate in the Everyone Marathon at the 2018 Sutherland Shire Relay. The Marathon is fun and achievable for all. All the information you need, including FAQ's are below.

What is the Everyone Marathon?

This Everyone Marathon is open to ANY participant who wishes to WALK OR RUN 42km in total.

Benefits of participating in the Everyone Marathon?

A timing chip must be purchase upon registration at a cost of $5.00 per chip, so you can record your laps and kilometres completed during the marathon. Every participant who finishes the Everyone Marathon receives their very own medal.

How do I register?

You will need to be a participant of the Sutherland Shire Relay For Life Event in order to participate in the Everyone Marathon – click here to register www.shirerelay.com.au

On Saturday 5 May, you will need to register for the marathon at the marathon Registration desk, located next to the start line. Registrations open from 7am.

When does it start?

Saturday 5 May, 2018, 10am.

How does it work?

On Saturday 5 May, arrive at 7am to register for the marathon at the marathon Registration desk.

Once registered for the Everyone Marathon you must purchase a timing chip at a cost of $5.00 each. Each timing chip is linked to an individual’s name. Each participant will do their own laps with their own timing chips. Results can be viewed live through a website that will be given out at registration.Timing chips must be returned to the registration area after completing your marathon.

At the end of the marathon, every participant who finishes will receive their very own medal.

Refreshments will be available, but we recommend you bring your own water bottle to refill, and snacks to keep your energy levels high.

There will be warm up activities and stretches to get you ready for the marathon starting at 8.45am.


How wide is the track?
Answer: The track is made up of 2.5 metres of bitumen track with a 5 metre specially built grass track giving an overall 7.5-metre-wide track.

How long is the track?
Answer: The track is 440 metres long (Sylvania was 400 metres).

How many laps do I need to run/walk to complete a marathon?
Answer :96 laps which is calculated by dividing 42.195 kilometres by 440 metres which gives 95.89 laps which will be adjusted at the starting lap. Therefore the start for the marathon will be 395 metres before the official start line to make up the distance .

Is there accurate timing?
Answer: Timing chips (Chips are available for purchase at 5 dollars). Progressive Results will be displayed on a TV screen in the timing tent and periodically on the big screens. We continue to explore the best timing methods for Relay.

Can I check to ensure my timing chip is working properly?
Answer: yes between 0700 and 0900 on the Saturday you can test your Timing chip at the start/ finish gantry.

Can I push a pram or use a wheelchair?
Answer: yes. At least half of the 2.5 metre bitumen pathway will be reserved for those who have wheels or need a solid surface.

Are there prizes?
Answer: If you purchase a timing chip and complete the marathon there is a medal for individuals. (subject to a limit on numbers).

Can I get my laps engraved on the Medal?
Answer: Yes. Grants Engraving, 90A Cawarra Road Carringbah has generously donated the medals for the last number of years. You can go there any time after the Relay and have your name and laps engraved for a small fee.

Will I be able to see progressive laps completed?
Answer: yes, on the screen in the timing tent and displayed on the big screen at regular intervals.

Do I have to run all the way?
Answer: no, you can run, jog or walk or do a mixture of the above.

Can we complete the Relay marathon as a team?
Answer: You can have a large or small team if attending for the whole 24 hours then a team of 10 is suggested so that you have someone on the track throughout the whole 24 hours.

Is the track flat?
Answer: The track has a slight elevation of 5 metres rise in the back corner. It commences at 15 metres above sea level and reaches 20 metres at its highest point.

Has the track been improved since 2017?
Answer: The Sutherland Shire Council continues to maintain the track with rolling, and grass repairs plus watering are being carried out.

Are Water and Toilets available?
Answer: There are several water points, drinking fountains and toilets trackside.

How do I see the track at night?
Answer: portable lighting will floodlight the track.

Is there a time limit?
Answer: The relay runs for 24 hours so there is plenty of time to complete a marathon or an ultra.

Do I have to start at 10am Saturday?
Answer: No, you can come later in the day, but it is recommended to begin before 1500 on the Saturday, as there are many other activities occurring as part of relay.

Can I have a break at night (sleep) and still complete a marathon and collect a medal?
Answer: Yes

Will St Johns ambulance be in attendance the whole 24 hours?
Answer: Yes

How long will the nippers be competing?
Answer: The Nipper challenge will run from 10am until 10pm on the Saturday with the trophy presented on the Sunday morning.

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